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Cash for Junk Cars Middlesex County NJ

Junk Your Car Middlesex County NJ
We have all seen them: junk cars NJ, wrecked cars, abandoned cars, rusty cars, old cars, and all sorts of another automobile “eyesores” that litter Middlesex Counties yards, lots, driveways, and fields. Oftentimes, these cars sit unused for potentially decades, because their owners could not bear to part with them, the cars were inoperable, or they were too damaged to sell.

What if there was a way to get cash for junk cars Middlesex County NJ? Here at Cash for Junk Autos NJ we are a junk car removal Middlesex County NJ service.

Cash for Junk Autos NJ will take your unusable vehicle off your hands and pay you cash on the spot!

The Condition of Your Junk Car
The condition of your junk cars Middlesex County NJ, trucks, SUVs or Vans is practically irrelevant. Perhaps, you were in an accident, and your car was totaled or rendered irreparable. It also could be a possibility that your favorite automobile simply ran its course, and the cost of repairing it became too great. If your significant other nags you daily to remove the vehicular stain from the otherwise perfect yard, then you likely have a car that is a prime candidate to sell car for scrap Middlesex County NJ.

Easier than Listing Your Wrecked Car for Sale:
If you consider the time and effort involved in listing a vehicle for sale, repairing and preparing it for sale, and the time it takes you to show the vehicle and keep it clean for the sale, you will be hard-pressed to recoup your total investment of time and money. The idea of someone coming to your house and towing the automotive eyesore away is suddenly refreshing and inviting. Add to that the idea of then getting paid cash to allow someone to take the car off your hands, and you have the perfect solution to ridding yourself of your junk car.

Cash For Junk Autos NJ are junk car buyers Middlesex County NJ and will come and tow the car away for you for free. We pay you and let you watch us work! Think of how much easier that is than listing your vehicle for sale in the newspaper or on online auto sales sites. Think of the money you will save by not needing to dump extra funds into repairing or restoring your vehicle, simply to make it sellable. In many situations, car owners, who do invest in fixing up their vehicles for sale, end up being upside down by the time they finally list and sell the car.

Many people may not realize that others are getting cash for cars Middlesex County NJ. These people may feel that they are stuck with a piece of junk car that they will never be able to sell or be rid of. However, many people are catching on to the fact that they can not only have their junk car towed away from them but also get paid CASH on the spot!!

Cash for Junk Autos NJ is conveniently open 7 days a week, we provide free/same day towing, and cash on the spot. Call today for a free cash for junk autos quote NJ at 973-699-6005 or visit our website at

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Why Sell Your Car to Cash for Junk Autos NJ?

We Buy Junk Cars NJ
Do you have a junk car or junk cars NJ lying around that have become an eye sore every time you walk outside? Why not sell it to get some extra cash and clean up the yard. Cash for Junk Autos NJ provides junk car removal NJ all over the state. If some extra cash is not enough motivation for you to find a local junk car buyer and sell your car, consider the positive environmental impact you'll make by disposing of that old clunker.

Why Sell Your Car to Cash for Junk Autos NJ?

Instant Cash
The process of selling a car to a cash for junk cars buyers NJ is simple, easy and finishes within the day. This means that you receive CASH ON THE SPOT! We tow your vehicle away free of charge and pay cash instantly.

Searching for local junk car buyers Essex County NJ and shopping around can be time consuming. Here at Cash for Junk Autos NJ we do all the work for you, pay top dollar for your junk cars NJ and are conveniently open 7 days a week.

So many people make the mistake of posting a junk car online to advertise for sale. This is time consuming by taking pictures of your car, and requires allowing strangers to come to your home. Sometimes, all that effort isn't worth the extra few bucks because often you get nuisance responses and not serious buyers. Here at Cash for Junk Autos NJ we buy all vehicles running or not, with or without a title, and provide same day service.

No Discrimination
No matter what shape the car is in, we will buy the vehicle for cash and recycle the metal! If you still have your grandfather's car wasting away in your garage but you don't know where the title is, we can still buy the vehicle for cash, as long as a valid driver’s license is provided.

No Scammers
Selling your car to our reliable and professional company gives you peace of mind. You won't have to deal with checks, wired money, and haggles. You also won't have to worry about your safety when you agree to meet in a certain place or even in your own home.

Cash for Junk Autos NJ is a family owned and operated business that always pays the price quoted on the phone. There are those who will give you a different quote on the phone, and then try to give you a lower price upon meet-up. There are also shops that operate without a license, which you should avoid at all costs. We are licensed & insured, and have been in business for almost 2 decades.

How We Estimate the Price
When calling our 24/7 service operators, please make sure you know the exact model, year, and make of your car. You can also bring it to our local yard located at 24 Whitney St, Newark, NJ for us to assess its value. Most junk vehicles are paid according to their weight for metal processing.

We also buy vehicles that are NOT junk as well. If you're inquiring by phone or by an online form, we will need further details of the vehicle. We can give you a higher quote if everything is intact, especially the following:
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Body Panels
  • Air-conditioning
  • Airbags
  • Engine
  • Mileage
  • Clean, available title

Likewise, any damages like dents will lower the value. Make sure to relay this to our office so we can provide an accurate price for your car.

Good Customer Service
We strive to provide polite, reliable, and friendly service. We are easy to reach and will walk you through the entire junk car process. We communicate in a way that you will 100% understand the entire procedure. We are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have through our local phone number 973-699-6005 or email at

Good Reviews
We encourage all potential customers to please go online and read all of our 5 star reviews. We strive to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with our service.

Get a Quote
We offer a free cash quote over the phone. We'll need to know the make, year, and model of your car to provide you with accurate pricing. It would also help to know the mileage and any damages that the car may have incurred.

We recommend that you be as honest as possible when asking for the value of your car. We offer guarantees that the valuation will not change. However, if the condition is much worse than described or there are missing parts (i.e. you did not report the engine was missing), it is hard for the value to remain the same as quoted. Honesty is always the best policy so we can do the best job for our customers.

Seal the Deal
Set an appointment for the pickup of your junk car and wait for the tow truck. If you can't be present at the appointed time, let us know and authorize a person to do the transaction for you. Make sure that they have the necessary documents. We provide same day, free towing and cash on the spot! It is that simple!!!!

Ready to Sell Your Junk Car?
Don't waste time when you are ready to junk my car for cash NJ and let it collect rust in the backyard.

If you want to sell your junk car fast and get instant cash, contact us now at 973-699-6005, or through our website at We buy junk cars NJ!

Receive a free quote today!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Is Cash for Junk Autos NJ Open on Sundays and at Night?

Buy My Junk Car NJ
Is Cash for Junk Autos NJ Open on Sundays and at Night?

The answer is YES. We are open 7 days a week from 8am to 9pm.

When you’re trying to get rid of your junk cars NJ you want to get it done quickly. However, this could be challenging especially if you work full time and have a busy schedule. Naturally, the weekends are the best times to get things done. Unfortunately, however, most junkyards operate for a short time on Saturday and are often closed on Sundays.

While selling your junk car to a junkyard on Sundays is not an option, you can sell it to us, here at Cash for Junk Autos NJ and receive a free tow as well, We are junk car buyers NJ that services customers 7 days a week in all areas. See below for How to junk a car NJ on Sundays and evening:

Sunday Operations
Cash for Junk Autos NJ can meet demands of customers selling junk cars NJ on Sundays and evenings. Our commitment is your satisfaction. 

Is Sunday the only day of the week that seems to work for you? We can surely accommodate picking up your junk car. We appreciate your business and will do everything we can to work within your schedule.

Scheduling Your  Junk Car Removal NJ
There are some things that you can do to speed up the junk car removal process. We can handle a variety of things either online or via the phone. Contacting our experienced junk car buyers NJ; which specialize in providing you with an instant quote. Just provide us with a brief description of your junk car and proof of ownership.

Additionally can complete the online form on our website and receive a quote for your junk car online within an hour. We will also set up an appointment with you immediately and provide same day, free towing.

We Buy Any Make and Model
Wondering if Cash for Junk Autos NJ s will buy your junk my car for cash NJ? Unlike private buyers and dealerships that tend to be pickier about the vehicles they purchase, we don’t care. We will buy any car, any make, any model, no matter how old it is or what’s wrong with it. That’s why customers prefer to work with us. We’re not concerned with what type of car it is and we pay you top dollar for it – in CASH.

No Title? No Keys? No Problem!
Have you had an old car for a while or got something passed down to you through the family? If so, it’s possible that you may not have access to the keys and/or the title anymore. Well, that’s nothing for you to worry about because we’ll still buy your junk car for cash. We will need a copy of your license and your vehicle registration. As long as you have those documents ready, we can move forward with the junk car removal NJ.

Junk Car Removal – What to Expect
If you agree with our quote, we will immediately schedule your junk car removal. You may be wondering what to expect, but we can assure you the process is quick and easy. Once the job is scheduled, a representative comes to the address for pickup with a tow truck. They will safely load the car onto the tow truck professionally.

Once they’ve loaded your junk car, truck, van, or SUV onto the tow truck you’ll be asked for the keys to the car (if you have them). Our driver then provides you with a receipt and the quoted amount of cash on the spot. That’s really all there is to it. You’ll receive your cash and we’ll get rid of that junk car.

Here at Cash for Junk Autos NJ, we do whatever we can to accommodate the needs of our customers.

If you’re interested in selling junk cars NJ and getting them removed on a Sunday, give us a call at 973-699-6005 or visit our website at


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