Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Get Cash for Your Junk Car

Are you looking to get top cash for junk cars in NJ? “Cash for Junk autos NJ” has been paying top dollar for junk cars in NJ with same day free towing.

Cash for junk autos is a reliable family owned cash for junk cars company and will get the most value for your junk car.

No title? no problem! not junk?
we buy all cars any make and any model.

For a free junk car cash quote call Cash for Junk autos NJ at (973) 699-6005
Cash for Junk autos NJ - NJ's trusted cash for junk car service

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Junk a Car NJ through Donation to Charity

Donate a Junk Car NJ

Many people wonder if you can donate your car to a specific person, under privileged family or disabled veteran, and still be able to get a tax credit for it without it being an organization.

The answer is No. You only get a tax credit if you donate to a charity recognized by IRS as a tax-deductible charity. Not every charity organization qualifies for a deduction. The American Children’s Society is a 501 (c)(3) reputable charity for junking a car in New Jersey.

Giving a vehicle to an individual actually is a GIFT, not a donation, so therefore is not eligible for a tax deduction.

You can never donate directly to an individual or even a charity and direct the donation to go to a specific person and get a tax deduction. The deduction is available if you give to a recognized charity and only useful if you itemize.

The American Children’s Society will provide you with a tax deductible form 8283 or 1098C and a receipt that verifies who has picked up your vehicle.

Junk a car through donation has never been so easy and rewarding. This ensures that your vehicle is being used to help needy people. We are recognized on the IRS website and local attorney general’s office.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Cash For Junk Cars

Cash For Junk Cars

Cash For Junk Autos NJ provides fast, free, no-hassle Cash For Junk Cars removal service of unwanted vehicles from any driveway, garage, back alley or front lawn.  We'll make a purchase offer based on the salvage value of the vehicle.

 Nobody does a better job of hauling away old, worn-out and unwanted vehicles than we do.  Call us at 973-699- 6005.
 It’s simple to junk your car.  All you have to do is provide the details and our vehicle removal specialists will take it from there.
 You won't wait long; most unwanted vehicles are picked up on the same day you contact our company.  Instead of shopping around to find the highest price paid, consider using the most reliable service.
 Many companies will use a “bait and switch tactic.
” They will offer a high price on the phone and when they arrive, the price is different.
 For example, we had a repeat customer call us the other day from Randolph.  She asked us to match a price given to her from Cash for Clunkers. We explained to her that the price given was unrealistic and that they probably wouldn’t honor it once they arrived. A day later the woman called us back.
 She explained that she had the worst experience with Cash for Clunkers, and everything I told her was true. They refused to pay her the price quoted on the phone, and made up a million reasons as to why they wouldn’t honor their quote. 
She assured me she would NEVER use another service other than ours again.
Don’t hesitate; contact us today at 973-699- 6005, for fast and friendly Cash For Junk Cars removal service.

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