Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Junk My Car for Cash Newark NJ

Junk My Car for Cash NJ
Are you looking to Junk My Car for Cash Newark, NJ? Cash For Junk Autos NJ has been providing professional Junk My Car for cash services with high standards and great customer care. Our 24 hour technicians are trained, experienced, prompt and courteous.

Cash for Junk Autos NJ has been providing Junk My Car for Cash Newark NJ services for over 3 decades! But as a local Newark, NJ business we also take pride in being a part of the local business community and helping residents clean up their yards from unsightly vehicles!

Frequently Asked Questions When Junking a Car:

How do you determine the value of my junk car?It is a pretty simple answer. For the most part, if the car is junk we determine the value based on the curb weight of the vehicle. Smaller cars such as Nissan Sentras are worth less money than a vehicle such as Jeep Grand Cherokee. Most “junk cars” have reached the end of their life and will be stripped and then crushed. It is common to think we are able to pay based on the condition but if no one would buy your car or any of it’s parts we are forced to pay on weight, as are our competitors.

I Just Bought New Tires,  Does that increase the Value of My Car?
Unfortunately no. Tires can be a hassle to dispose of so we have the same process whether they are new or old. In this case we would recommend trying to sell them separately on Craigslist. We will pick-up your car no matter what type of tires are on the vehicle, even donuts.

I Just Had Work Done on My Car, Does that Increase the Value of My Junk Car?We apologize, but no. Most “junk cars” are old vehicles that are at the end of their life. Same is the case for other vehicles of the same year make and model across the country which makes it hard to resell any of the parts, so the price is generally determined based on weight.

Cash For Junk Autos NJ can be contacted at 973-699-6005 - Your Trusted Junk Car Buying Service in NJ

Saturday, November 18, 2017

10 Lovely Thanksgiving Traditions Cash for Junk Autos is Recommending to Our Customers

Here at Cash for Junk Autos NJ we are all excited about enjoying the upcoming holiday season! We have gathered 10 Thanksgiving traditions that many of our employees and customers have recently shared!

Start the day with an indulgent, relaxing breakfast.
1. While some people are firmly in the "no breakfast" mode to save room for the big meal later, we love the idea of starting the day in such a festive, delicious way! Pancakes, waffles, eggs, even pie — it's all good.

Take time for yourself before time with family.
2. As wonderful as Thanksgiving can be, we all know it can be exhausting and overwhelming. That's why it's such a good idea to deliberately take a little time for yourself during the day to make sure you enjoy the holiday on your terms.

Remember loved ones who have passed.
3. Holidays can be bittersweet when beloved family members or friends are missing from the gathering. This "circle of love" is a lovely way to honor their memory.

Write your thanks on a butcher paper tablecloth.
4. We love the practice during the Thanksgiving meal of naming things you're thankful for, and this is a unique way to do it — especially since you can tear off and save particularly meaningful memories.

Let everyone toast!
5. Another way to make gratitude gushing even more festive is to let everyone make a toast. Raise your glass to the year, to your family, to your friends!

Have the kids serve dessert.
6. We know how much kids love to help! Put them in charge of serving dessert and coffee after the meal.

Have Thanksgiving dinner for dinner.
7. Most people eat Thanksgiving in the early afternoon, but that is not a hard-and-fast rule. Why not make Thanksgiving dinner just that — a dinner? It slows the day down and makes the morning and afternoon much more enjoyable.

Take a long walk together after dinner.
8. No one is ready for dessert right after dinner anyway, so why not take that time to go on a long walk with your loved ones? Enjoy the cool, crispy autumn weather and get the blood flowing again after all that rich food.

If it's just two of you, really treat yourself.
9. It can be hard to justify making a huge Thanksgiving meal when it's just two of you, but that doesn't mean it has to be any less special, or even any less of a treat. In fact, it should be more so. Embrace the opportunity.

Stay connected with family members far away.
10. If you're not close to your loved ones during Thanksgiving, thankfully you can still be together — just virtually! Do a video call before dinner, or Face time family members in for the dinner portion of the evening. Make it an annual thing.

We hope you enjoy some of our Thanksgiving tips, courtesy of our junk cars staff and customers!

Cash for Junk Autos NJ will be open all week, except Thursday (Turkey Day). If you need a junk car removal please give us a call at 973-699-6005. We offer CASH on the spot, and free/same day towing!!!

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Monday, November 6, 2017

Car Donations - What Percentage of Proceeds Go to Charity?

Car Donations - What Percentage of Proceeds Go to Charity?

Donate Your Car NJ
The short answer is, it depends. The car donation industry is larger and more competitive than you may realize with some established charities receiving millions of dollars of revenue from charity car auctions every year.

Charities relying on funds from car donations are directly aligned with the used and second hand car business.  As a business sector it doesn’t have the cleanest track record or reputation and therefore, we strongly recommend you ask as many questions as possible before you part with your vehicle. Of course, if you are not concerned about claiming a tax deduction, then the most important decision is your preferred choice of charity or beneficial cause.

Look Out For Profit-Making Organizations
At the very least, you should be concerned about how much revenue your chosen charity will receive once your car is sold.  You may not realize it, but many charities – particularly the smaller, local ones – are not directly responsible for running their own vehicle donation programs. Many have chosen to take advantage of legislation set out in IRS publication 4302 (“A Charity’s Guide to Vehicle Donations“) where a ‘for-profit’ agent is hired to operate the program under the charity’s banner.  Ultimately, the charity is responsible and accountable for the agent’s activities.

As a car donor, however, you will not know exactly how much or what percentage of the final sale will be received by your charity.  What is certain is that by donating your car to a charity that does operate its own donation scheme, most of the revenue from your car’s sale will end up in its coffers.

My advice, therefore, is to ask as many questions as you feel are necessary and do not be afraid to turn your attentions elsewhere if you do not get the answers you require.

At Cash for Junk Autos NJ we can offer a charitable tax deduction as affiliates of the American Children's Society, if you choose to donate instead of sell your vehicle for cash. Give us a call for more information at 973-699-6005

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