Thursday, December 21, 2017

Four Things to Consider when Being Offered Cash for Junk Cars This Holiday Season

Cash for Junk Cars NJ
It can be a time consuming and sometimes a confusing process to get the best price when selling junk cars. Cash for Junk Autos NJ likes to give our customers the best advise and guidance through this process. We also want to make sure your get the best value for your vehicle, especially during the holiday season, as we know cash for cars can be used as some extra money to buy loved ones gifts. 

Remove Personal Belongings
Cars are like houses, they accumulate things over time. If you’ve owned your car for a long time, you might have forgotten many items that you’ve placed in your car. When you sell your car for scrap, it’s your responsibility to take out all the personal belongings before the tow truck arrives to pick up the vehicle. You’ll never get another chance at finding everything, so look for all items in the usual spots like the glove box. Check under floor mats, above visors, and anywhere else you might have stashed personal belongings. Don’t make the mistake of leaving things like insurance cards in the car. That type of paperwork has personal information on it. 
Get Your Title or Vehicle Documentation (Registration & Insurance) In Order
You need to return license plates and cancel your insurance. It is important to any reputable junk car buyers, that the seller has proper documentation showing they are the owner of the vehicle.
You should be especially wary of a junk car buyer that doesn’t care for you to show ownership. 

Look for Valuable Components to Sell
If you’ve agreed on a price for your car, you should turn it over to them in the condition that you described when you made the deal. However, if the price you’re able to get for your car doesn’t reflect much more than its scrap value, you may be able to remove a few valuable components from the car to make a few extra bucks. If you have expensive tires with a lot of tread left on them, you can purchase four balding tires and swap them for the more valuable tires on the car. If you’re handy, you can remove electronic gear like GPS or stereo systems if they’re valuable.

Remove the License Plates
When you sell car for scrap the arrangements for pickup are often made quickly. If your car is disabled and parked at a location like a service station or in the street, you might have trouble scheduling everyone to show up at the same time to complete your transaction. Time is money for the tow truck driver that’s sent to get your car, so it’s easy to overlook important details. Make sure you remember to remove the license plates from the car before it’s towed away. In NJ, you must return the license plates to the department of motor vehicles in order not to get your driver's license suspended.

Cash for Junk Autos NJ is here to guide you through the entire junk car process. Happy Holidays to all our customers! Don't hesitate to give us a call at 973-699-6005 or check out our website at to sell that old clunker and gain a few extra dollars for those holiday presents!

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