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Here’s How to Get Cash for Junk Cars with No Title Needed!

How to Sell a Car Without a Title:
Thinking you need a junk car removal NJ - No title? No Problem! Cash for Junk Autos NJ buys vehicles without having a title. It is typically a straightforward process to sell junk car NJ.

If you discover you’ve lost your car’s title, don’t panic! NJ has a process for declaring your title lost and applying for a duplicate title; however, if you’re hoping to sell your vehicle for scrap metal for cash, a title may not be necessary. We are willing to buy junk cars with no title (although you’ll need to present other documentation to prove that you own the vehicle). It is important to have a state registration card or insurance card that matches your driver’s license. That shows proof of ownership without having to waste your time with NJMVC.

**Understand as a consumer, when you DO NOT have a state title for your vehicle, we are buying your car at scrap metal value only! Without being able to transfer legal ownership, there is nothing we can do with a vehicle besides for the scrap metal weight. Cash for Junk Autos NJ cannot obtain a title unless it is given to us by the car’s seller.**

Here’s How to Get Cash for Junk Cars with No Title Needed:
Speak with our experienced car buyers here at Cash for JunkAutos NJ when you want to sell your car without a title. We will outline the process and steps to be taken in order to get rid of that old clunker. It typically includes having a registration and license in lieu of the title.

What is a Car Title?
A car title is a legal document that proves you own a vehicle. When you purchase a car, you get the title from your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. When you sell a car, you transfer the title to someone else. Titles are issued for all kinds of vehicles, including trucks, RVs, motorcycles and motorized boats.

There are different kinds of titles. A car that’s never been severely damaged has a “clean” title. If the vehicle is totaled (severely damaged in an accident and deemed not worth the price of repairing it), it will receive a “salvage” title. If the vehicle was declared totaled after an accident, but someone chooses to rebuild it, the car receives a “rebuilt” or “reconstructed” title before it is sold. This ensures the new buyer knows the vehicle was once declared un-drivable and underwent major repairs.

Can You Sell My Junk Car Without a Title?
When you sell a used vehicle, you’ll need to present the title to the new owner. They’ll need it for two reasons. They’ll want to see the title so they know the car really belongs to you and you have the right to sell it.

Giving them the title also allows them to transfer the car to their name. That ensures they can show they legally own the car and have the right to do with it as they please.

If you’re planning to sell to a private party or licensed dealer, you will almost certainly need a title in the state of NJ. If you don’t have the title and are planning to sell your vehicle to Cash for Junk Autos NJ, it’s possible you don’t need a title. Here’s what you need to do to sell your vehicle if you don’t have title in hand.

Reasons a Car is Without a Title:
It’s possible you don’t have the title at home because your bank has it. When you take out a car loan, the bank owns that vehicle until you pay them back. As a result, they keep your title until it’s debt-free. If that’s the case, check with your bank and remind them to send you out the title via mail.

If you’re planning to scrap my car to us, junk car buyers, for cash, it’s entirely possible you don’t need a title. We pay cash for junk cars with no title. We are willing to buy your vehicle and offer you cash for cars with no title; instead, we will accept a valid registration and driver’s license in which the documents have identical names.

For more information give us a call at 973-699-6005 for a free cash quote or check out our website at

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